Voice from international student


Hou Bolong

Yamagata University Graduate Schools MOT
(Management of Technology) (from China)

There are many universities in Japan. If you want to study at a Japanese university and work in a Japanese company, I strongly recommend that you study at Yamagata University.

For international students, Yamagata University provides Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) and a tuition reduced plan for regular students.

Yamagata Pref. one of major manufacturing sites in eastern Japan. I deeply learned a value-added productivity and a source of competitive power from company-visit and also realized that not only as a labor power but Japanese companies need non-Japanese person as a multiple talent with professional education.

I heard that international students graduated from a Japanese university were once employed by a Japanese company but left the company in a short period of time because the students were uncomfortable with Japanese work style and office atmosphere.

But if you join EPPY and want to work in Japan after graduation, don’t worry about it. In this program, our professors support students how to write a resume in Japanese, choose an industry segment you’d like to work, deal with a job interview and seminar setting. Our professros offer solid education curricula for students.

I learned about the history and environment of Japanese economy in the class of Japan business. This helped international students get better understanding of working in Japan smoothly.

Studying in abroad is not as enjoyable as it may seem. Japan may not always like a paradise that many people imagines. However, if you have a broad perspective and understand pros and cons with thinking one step ahead, you can be active globally. I’m looking forward to seeing you all in Yamagata!