Japanese Education Programs


Our Goals:
Develop individual Japanese language skill requiring for a job hunting in Japan (This program is mandatory for students involved in EPPY) and achieve N2 or N1 level of JLPT(Japanese Language Proficiency Test)  in order to work in a Japanese business society.

1.Class for N1 & N2 of JLPT  

◆ Classes are implemented during semesters
◆ Interactive multipoint TV conference system are available

a scene of remote class

2. Preparation Class for JPLT

  Challenge a trail test (knowledge of Japanese language(vocabulary & grammar), reading and listening) for N1 and N2
◆  EPPY provide feedback to students based on one’s test results

3.Private Online Business Japanese Lesson

This lesson, provided by SKYPE, is a mandatory for qualified N1 students. Lessons that suitable for one’s Japanese language level and individual schedule are available.

Following courses are available on online lesson:
・Business Communication in Japanese for beginner and intermediate
・Business Communication in Japanese
・Business Communication in honorific language