Internship is compulsory subject. Carry out a cooperative practical education as a method of problem solving. Premise on getting a job at a Japanese company, every student is advised to have an image of employment.
Through internship at Japanese company, besides improvement of professional awareness, development of high self-reliance and strong sense of responsibility are our goal. Furthermore, students could try to acquire Japanese language in business.

◆ Aim

・Discover problem related to his/her major and propose solutions and suggestions for improvement
・Understand the work style, characteristics, and rule of Japanese company
・Master Japanese communication skill

◆ Implementation Period

During participation in program, internship must be done for at least 1 month (20 days). The combination days for doing internship is free, for example : a one day internship, a five days internship etc. In addition, the internship can be done at one or multiple companies.

◆ Type of Internship

◆ Schedule

◆ Selected Companies

Is decided based on the major of student, research content, and job prospect. The companies within Yamagata Prefecture are preferred for the place of internship, but due to certain conditions the companies outside Yamagata Prefecture are also possible.

Yamagata Pref.Other Pref.
EPPY arranges as needed in companies involved in EPPY program.
It’s decided based on the major of student, research content and job prospect
Entry oneself by RecNavi or MyNavi. 1 to 5 days per


Daily report during internship must be submitted after finishing the internship. The report presentation will be scheduled.