Career Development Programs


Class Descriptions

◆ Career Development Class

Program Orientation
– Career development schedule
– A profile of candidate Japanese company wants
– How to proceed a career plan & internship
Safety(supported by Yonezawa City Hall)
Knowledge of type of disaster and its prevention
Social Welfare & Salary System
– Social security, public & employment insurance
– Salary system, tax, retirement pay & clothing/food/housing
How To Write A Report: “Ho-Ren-So”        
“Ho-Ren-So” is abbreviation word for business attitude in Japan; Report, Note and Discuss
③ Mind Set
– Comforts of living in Yamagata
– Importance of culture of harmony
Draft Resume, SPI & Interview
– Details of resume & entry sheet(self-analysis)
– Challenge trial SPI supervised by Recruit Career Co., Ltd
– Role playing for individual interview & group meeting
Overall of Job Hunting
– Flow of job Hunting
– Analysis of business & industry segments
– Company analysis
– Preparation for resume and Entry Sheet
– Interview practice
– All support for a job hunting activity
Make Career Plan and Use Professional Organization
– Develop future plan
– Take an advantage of professional organization & agent that useful for job hunting
Job Offer ~Support for Employment
– Flow of job offer to employment
– Working rule in company
– Change Visa status
Business Social Manners
– Facilitate a relationship with others & improve smoother
communication in organization
– Manners in business(greetings, business cards) & self-
Lead Instructor Yukiko Takahashi

Lead Instructor Mika Kuroda

◆ Japan Business Class

Introduction of Japanese Business
– Overall lecture, schedule & syllabus
– Check one’s Japanese business knowledge level(by brain-storming)
– Job hunting flow and schedule in Japan
Productivity Growth, Business Innovation
– Toyota Production System, Lean Productio- Value Stream Map(including drills)
Industrial Context in Tohoku & Yamagata Pref.
– Industrial feature of Tohoku Region
– Uniqueness of industry and company in Yamagata
Well Designed to Keep Value Creating Process
– Product development process management
– Importance of business and technology strategy
Japanese Manufacturing Technology
– Industrial history evolution in Japan from Meiji period(by video instructions)
– Industrial districts, major industry/company in Japan
– Features, strength and challenge of Japanese company
Globalization and Multi Culture
– Global business and manufacturing technology
– What talented business person for globalization
Why Japanese Manufacturing Technology is Strong in International Competitiveness
– Basic concept of Manufacturing Technology
– What is a company’s added value and source of competing power?
– What is Industrial Engineering and TQO?(including drills)
Final Exam, Group discussion & Presentation
– Warp up(a requirement of candidate Japanese company wants)
– Make an action plan to develop one’s career and give a presentation in class
Professor Yuzo Ito