One Day Trip to Hagurosan and Nishikawa City, Yamagata Prefecture

       One nice day in fall season of October 28, 2017 Eight international students from Yamagata University and Tohoku University of Community Service and Science visited Hagurosan and Nishikawa Town. This activity is supported by the Nakajima foundation, Japan Student Service Organization (JASSO), and Yamagata University Employment Promotion Program for International Students (EPPY). Below is several photos showing activities during the trip. At Hagurosan the students enjoyed walking along 2446 stone steps, and having nice taste of vegetarian cuisine at a place called Saikan. After lunch, the students visited a farmer in Nishikawa Town and experienced removing seeds of dried sunflowers which is one of the steps for making sunflower oil. This trip gave students a valuable experience concerning nature, culture, life, and work in Yamagata Prefecture.